The greatest gift…

Grandfather sat by a tree with grandmother by his side. They smiled with a look of enlightenment and contentment. Beyond the tree were two children playing; the sun’s life pouring down on them. Their laughter was all grandfather and grandmother could hear as the children played in their imaginary world of what grandmother called, “Play School for Living and Loving”.


After a long time of playing the young brother and sister came to sit under the tree with grandfather and grandmother; “I’m mad”, said the brother as he scowled at his sister. “Well then, I’m mad too”, said sister as she made a frown toward her brother.
Grandfather looked at both of them, closed his eyes and asked, “And what is it that takes the most important gift in life from both of you”? “She isn’t being nice to me”, said the boy. ”I won’t give him what he wants now”, said sister. “And why not”, asked grandmother?


Sister replied, “I was giving my brother good things, stuff like friendship, a sister; we were playing and I was just giving him stuff like that”. Brother spoke up and said, “No you weren’t, I was giving stuff like that to you; just I was giving you a brother, not a sister. Grandfather asked, “Do either of you know what you give away as you sit here upset and mad”? “I don’t care, and I don’t want to play with him anymore, said sister. “Well, I don’t care; in fact I don’t need you any more, you are not my sister”, said the little boy.


Grandfather again questioned both of them, “Do either of you know what gift you give away as you sit here mad as you are? It is more important than anything else in your life; do you really want to give it away? And for how long will you give it away before you become even madder that you did so”? Grandmother spoke, “You both like to sing as you play your games, I listen. Your songs become like honey to my ears, they are so beautiful. Listen to grandfather; he has good things to share with you, I don’t think either of you wish to continue such an arrogant, hurtful way as you are right now. Am I not right”? “Yes”, they both said as they enjoyed the shade of the tree.
The little boy and girl looked at grandfather with anticipation and wonder in their eyes. “What gift do we give back as we become so angry, and why is there anger anyway”, they questioned? Grandmother cradled both of them in her loving arms as they sat under the tree and grandfather spoke, Grandfather smiled again and said, “It would seem that “Human animals” haven’t learned from all the experiences, good and bad, for lessons on how to be. They end up talking about how to be, yet do not want to accept the nature of being human, which is the duality we truly are; both animal and spirit”.


He smiled as he spoke more, “The gift is there for everyone, not just you two. You don’t realize of what you give away when you allow your thoughts, emotions, and senses to run wild as they do when such things like fear and anger are all you know”. “Grandpa, what do we give away that is so great a gift when we become mad or become fearful, sister said as she poked brother; they both began to laugh.


Brother frowned and said, “But I don’t want to play with you”, and pulled away. Grandmother smiled and spoke to them both, “You see, you find the law that is the gift for all life and once again you give away. I just saw you both begin to take it back. Do you truly wish to give it away again”?
Sister looked at grandfather, she looked deep into his eyes; “Common grandfather, you both are playing jokes on us aren’t you. You and grandmother are just playing jokes huh”? Grandfather chuckled as he replied to brother and sister, “Both of you will be the joke if you do not listen for a moment. You see, when you let your feelings and senses run wild you give up freedom, and without freedom how can you receive the gift of joy. Without joy how will either of you have the greatest of all truths in life? Your negativity steals it away from both of you.


Little sister smiled with grandfather as she spoke, “Well then grandfather, what is this truth for life you speak of”? Brother said, “Grandfather, will we be punished for not following this law? I sure don’t want to get into trouble”. Sister showed concern as she said, “No trouble, no trouble, grandmother, grandfather, we don’t want to get into trouble”.
Grandfather and grandmother smiled and chuckled some at the expressions of concern from both the children. Grandmother spoke, “Trouble is what you will find if you give the gift away; and the trouble will be what you earn by giving the gift away. “Earn?”, both the children said. “How can anyone earn trouble, brother said. “And who would want to work for nothing more than trouble”, sister said. “I don’t think it is a good idea to work for trouble”, brother said. Sister nodded her head, “Who wants to earn trouble anyway”. Grandmother smiled, closed her eyes and said, “Listen more to grandfather as he will explain so much more if you do.
Grandfather smiled at grandmother as he said, “You think that I know what to say to these two wonderful children, so I shall endeavor to do my best for all of you. Joy is the goal of life. Do either of you feel the gift of joy when you are angry or fearful? “No” they replied as grandfather smiled. Grandmother just held them close to her heart as she loved them so. She smiled with grandfather and asked,” what gift did you receive with your anger”? “None”, said the little girl. Brother spoke and said, “All I get is bad feelings all over. How can that be any kind of gift”? Grandfather laughed as he said, “Then the only gift you receive is the booby prize”? “That’s stupid isn’t it”, sister said as she smiled. The four of them smiled and laughed at sisters expressions.


Grandfather began to speak more of the gift, “It all begins here; as you think you will speak, either to others or to yourself as your thoughts become feeling and emotions. You will always hear your thoughts as you would anothers words. Allowing thoughts, which create emotions to run wild is no different than allowing any animal to run untrained through a community. When you allow fear or anger to control your mind you create the opposite of freedom; you become a slave to the negative emotion. Sister questioned, “How grandpa. I am free now even though I’m mad at my brother”. Grandmother chuckled as she spoke, “Good thoughts are always freeing to the very heart of you, and they lead to good feelings, good words, and good actions. With the gift there is nothing to fear or be angry for. Bad thoughts can make the thinker the slave to those thoughts, fear and anger lead to hate and hate leads to suffering for both the hater and the hated. Which is happier when you think, good or bad thoughts”? “Why the good thoughts, said brother, I am free to laugh and have a good time playing. I am free”. “I don’t like to fear”, said sister, I feel trapped and always become angry at someone or something. That makes me feel even more trapped”. Grandfather and grandmother smiled as grandfather began to speak, “A slave, a slave, just a slave to your thoughts, words, and actions; isn’t that what happens”? “Yes”, said brother and sister. “And we like being free don’t we my brother”. “I don’t like feeling like I do when I get mad” said brother.


Grandfather spoke some more as he wished to help the wonderful children, “Still, you have not heard of the most important gift you give up when you allow anger or fear to rule you. Would you like to know more”? Both brother and sister smiled with anticipation as grandfather spoke, “Confusion and misunderstanding are a part of human nature. Because this is so it will be your choice to be negative and angry; fearful of the person, the world, or even yourself or to feel good. You will find yourself thinking bad or negative thoughts, often without realizing you are doing so. But, when you find yourself there you can change how you think if you try. You will find that as you try your thoughts will get better and better. Still you may find yourself getting mad or fearful at times. It will be up to you how you want to feel and which gifts you will receive either the good ones or the bad. You can always choose, so which do you choose now.
Brother and sister looked at each other, and at grandmother and grandfather. The energy of love, with thoughts of tenderness poured from their wonderful eyes. “We choose good ones”, they both said. “Why” grandmother asked? Because we just adore each other and you too grandmother and grandfather, that’s why”.


Brother spoke and asked, “But you haven’t told us the greatest law, or told us the gift we give away. What are they”. Grandfather smiled as he spoke, “the greatest of all the law is that of non-violence; it is the heart of all truth, and that is love. When we feel affection for ourselves, others, life, and this world in our hearts we find ourselves as that love. When you allow anger and fear to take control, you give the gift of love away for a time, you stop being you. The greatest gift to all life is to be in love with all life is; it is the one truth, and so powerful in its humbleness. You gave it back when you were angry and fearful, but as patient as love is, it just waited for you to want it again. By not allowing your thoughts, words, and actions to be negative and bad you experience good feelings, emotions, and attitudes. You receive the gift of peace of mind, which only love can give”. Love is what you and your creator truly are.


All were quiet for a moment when sister said, “I love you all so very much”. Brother then said, “And I am free to be happy now”. “Good”, said grandmother. “Now, let’s go get an ice cream”, said grandfather. They all laughed and were so happy. Grandfather and grandmother were right love was just waiting. And for them, they were being what they were again; LOVE.

Just thinking…

I was raised a Christian, a Methodist, I can attest to the strain and confusion that accompanies the renegade who rejects his faith, then goes off in search of something to fill all the blanks. I was searching for a way of thinking and being in the world. A world based on Nature that is more than simply living a Christian life. I became confused with the Christian faith when I was involved in an auto accident in 1968. I died in the accident and crossed over; it was both a wonderful and confusing experience. It opened my whole “Living life experience” to another dimension of being. The confusing part of the experience was that I had been taught in Sunday school that it wasn’t possible to cross over as I had. I was even more confused as I knew that I created many sins, I thought I was heading to hell. The wonderful part of my experience was realizing that I was accepted, loved unconditionally, and simply home when I got to the other side.


I eventually began my search for spiritual truth by experiencing various religions; I was simply very confused. I soon realized that spiritual truth is not the religious truth I studied and I was sincere and driven to know. I became even more confused; I wasn’t sure if there was a religious truth, I was getting more confused as I searched. There was so much that seemed disingenuous to me about religion. But, through the faith that I had in what I’d learned religiously I held onto my beliefs for quite a while. That was the spirit of faith that was guiding me.


It is my opinion that mankind has become lost, wandering in confusion while searching for truth and spirit. Our marvelous imagination, full of creative thought, has created a superstition called “Revealed Religion”. We have become blind to the objective truth of Nature and function in an unreal creation we call reality. In doing so we have become prisoners of blind superstitions and the numerous prejudices they promote. We have become fearful to the point of fearing everything, including ourselves. We have become casualties to beliefs which have no rational or logical truth. We have become victims to a distorted brain of an ego of religious extremes. That to me is the spirit of confusion.


My spiritual search came to an end when I reached a rational belief; that God to me is Nature; and that I was a god in the making as Jesus once said, it was easy and natural to be simply a spiritual person. The more I thought about it the more I realized that Nature isn’t simply a rational belief in God; it’s a realization that we live as, and are a creation of God, or nature; or simply a creation of life. I was beginning to realize that we are not just human animals; we are spiritual creatures who have been given the gift of “creative thought” while living, and experiencing this life. That we are as much a part of God and Creation as the ground we tread upon, the air we breathe and the stars in the sky. In other words we are no more special than any other of Nature’s creations. I was beginning to see life as a spiritual journey that was no more than rational, logical thinking.


I felt that all of life, everything that exists, shares in the oneness of Creation.  I began to think that; Nature, or Creation, or God, if you prefer, has its own unique language that speaks to us. When understood it leads us to true self-awareness. There is no leap of faith to get there, it just is. It was at this time that I started believing in the words given to me by a wonderful Lakota friend; that “nature was my religion, and the world was my church”. That to me was the spirit of my opinion for myself.


I once told a friend of mine that, “Nature had made an honest man of me”.  What I meant by that was I often took “religious” truth to be anything that hit a chord within me subjectively without ever holding it to the light of reason or rational logic. It was in Nature I realized what a rare and beautiful thing objective truth is; it’s very much like true love. Just as true love should never be confused with baser human emotions, religion should never be posed as “objective truth”. Also, objective truth should not be confused with faith. Faith is  highly subjective; it requires no proof from factual investigation.  Objective truth, on the other hand, can be sought after and determined by one who is aware of Nature as Creation. Natures benefit to all mankind is that Nature supports our “Living life experience”. At that time I was thinking in the spirit of objective truth. It was also at that time that I was given a riddle by my friends, “From nothing did it all begin, yet, something now exists; what is it?” Think about the riddle and give me an answer if you will. I think the answer to the riddle is actually the answer to what spirit, or God is. But in the spirit of opinions, and objectivity I’m going to hold off giving you the answer to the riddle right now. Next question; what is spirit? It is my opinion that “Revealed Religion’s” are ever inclined to be domesticators of Spirit and truth.  They beat them breaking both down making them conform to the human will rather than Natures objective truth.


Our minds are the connecting and communicating link between our physical and our subtle body, so they are both a natural part of the flow of our life energy into and through our lives. Our minds are the builders between things spiritual from which all emanates and that which is material. The purpose of our minds is to bring manifestations into our experience. The mental is always the builder, this is true whether we are planning our lives, establishing relationships, or for any and all phases of our existence and our experiences. Our minds are the controlling and building force in all that we create in our physical beings and in our world. The mind gives us the ability to grasp and rebuild aspects of the physical – whether of the body or of conditions around us or of our experiences. As we change our minds and our focus we change the aspects of the mental and spiritual in our lives, so our minds are truly the architect, the planner, and the caretaker as well as the builder of our lives.


It is my opinion that since everything is conceived in a form of thought, it is conceived as best we can; which is as perfect as anyone can be (both good and bad). This concept is presented to our mind as a pattern with all the energy of spirit that our mind, as the builder, needs in order to form, shape, and create the ultimate results. So with infinite energy available, our mind creates the results – the job, the relationship, either peace or contentment. So, what is it that goes wrong?


This would say that difficulties in one’s life lie in how they think of life; the problems lie not in trying to change or manipulate outer events or conditions, but turning within. We should want to shift from trust in the intellect and technology to trust in the inner self, and our heart.

We should want to build a better house for us to live in both as a society, and in self. I guess I could say which house do you choose to live in a leaky shack or a good strong house?


So, to my riddle: “from nothing did it all begin, yet, something now exists; what is it?  “Thought”: the greatest of all building material in life as thoughts are truly things. Through your free will and choice it is up to you how you use your mind. You can use the mind to think in the spirit of greed, hate, ignorance; which are the three great poisons of all life. Or you can use the spirit of thought to create a house of love for both self and everyone else in the world; and all other forms of life. Goes back to do you want to live in a house with a bad foundation, or a house with a solid foundation?


Our higher self or that spiritual self would create in us the best house for each of us, full of wisdom, love, peace, joy, and harmony. It would be for us each individually to use that higher spirit to build a house that we could be happy with content in knowing that it was the best house for us individually, and socially. The spirit of thought in action could do this. So, what is this thing called spirit? What’s this thing called thought? My opinion is that there almost the same, I say this because:

  1. Both are the beginning of all things.
  2. Both are the first element, the first step in manifestation of anything in the universe. )
  3. Everything is first conceived in spirit, or thought. Both are conceived perfectly; The pattern or concept given is the best the thinker can do.
  4. Both are infinite in supply for each one of us.
  5. Both are the essence of all power, might, and strength.
  6. Both are available to us all equally.
  7. Spirit is the life force or energy within us. For me thought is creations spirit.


What will you do with this spirit, this unlimited life force within you? The answer lies in how you think, as the mind is the builder of your life, through “thought”.

It’s Universal…

Imagine for a moment that every aspect of this world and the universe are operated by laws, or truths. Imagine for a moment that these laws were created out of kindness and love and that they will always work for the highest good of all. They’re are completely impartial, and they apply to all creation, the universe, and this planet. The laws the work without prejudice, without bias, without judges, courts, trials or lawyers. They’re laws that are just and beneficial for everyone equally at all times in all places. What a wonderful world it would be if we were to live by these truths, or laws! Their truth’s that could be beneficial for everyone. I believe them to be laws of the divine nature, natural laws, or nature’s laws.


Universal truths or laws are vital when we wake up to life; when we become aware of how we’re living our life. Universal truths simply transform for either our good or bad; our choice, they’re simply impartial. They create relationships, success in careers, and abundance in many forms or experiences; they can also create hurts and pain. Lastly your life will definitely be more fulfilling if your actions are in accord with the truths of these laws. Guess you could say that these truths are as important as the air we breathe, the water that we drink, and the food we eat. There’s actually growth and understanding when using universal laws. The growth is usually for the positive when we use them effectively. As we come to understand the laws or truths we often find that body, mind, and spirit all seem to balance so doggone well from them. These truths or laws actually govern the entire universe; they were provided to unconditionally love all creation equally. They were given by the creator of all of this that we call the universe. They are metaphysical and yet physical to anyone who wishes to know them, and live by them.


I started learning of them years ago; I was the young child with some pretty far out friends. They would talk to me at times and always used to say that I had work to do, that they would prepare me for by understanding the laws. They taught me the laws which they used to tell me were precise and workable, and they were. I learned that these laws simply were; they’re not theories, or beliefs, and are very controversial when expressed. I’m going to be talking and sharing what I know about these truths, you don’t have to listen, you don’t have to follow them because your free will and choice are yours to use as you choose; they’ll work in your life anyway. My goal is simply to give them to you as well as I can. Imagine, the more mankind realizes these truths the world we have will benefit. We could live together as a family of man rather than separating into our own little groups. So here goes, I’ll be doing this until I get through all of the truths. That says that I’ll be doing this more than one time, so I hope that you will see the benefit of what I say here.


I’m driven and it would seem guided to write this to try and help with what seems to be a universal and worldly change and how we are going to adjust and live right here on earth. I’ve come to realize that by not living and honoring universal truths we have been for thousands of years shortchanging ourselves for what we truly could be. Imagine, if you would, a life and existence that would be balanced and sustainable for we human animals and all life. What a blessing that would be; we could end up with a heaven on earth; yep, like we pray for in the Lord’s Prayer. I mean, isn’t that what the prayer is all about; asking God or our creator, or our source to bring heaven to this earth for us in some way?


There are an infinite number of universal laws of which about 60 actually would be good for mankind and this planet. They’re laws that were made by the Creator of all of this stuff that we call life and the universe. So, I want to give you a riddle that was given to me by my friends when I was sitting with them at home, “From nothing did it all begin, yet something now exists; what is it”? When you answer this riddle you’ll understand more than you ever have before about creation, the natural order, God, and life. The problem with the laws or truths is that we’ve forgotten how to use them we don’t even recognize or understand them in our world today. Because of that few people will apply them in their lives. And living without understanding these truths usually ends up living in a constant life disaster; just look around, the chaos and cruelty, the selfishness and greed; the suffering that so many go through in life is all because we choose to not understand or learn these truths; and that’s the truth, (no pun intended).


We arrogantly go on manifesting the horrible things we manifest in the world. Is it the only way we know; that’s a joke on anyone who would believe it; life is to be enjoyed not tolerated. Most of us live our brief time upon this planet abusing and wasting more of our precious time saying that were okay when we know that were not. It seems to be a part of human nature to deny the truth whenever and wherever we may find it. Could that be because of the way that we understand life in general? If so understanding universal truths would be the missing link!


We should also try to understand and accept the basic nature of the human animal. The first cause of all life is to survive; that’s the human animal also. For the human animal the second cause would be how to survive, which would incorporate one’s free will and choice in everything that we do. Universal truths apply to everyone equally regardless of where we live, economic conditions; or our lifestyle. To be simple, universal truths or laws are unbreakable, unchangeable principles of life that operate all the time. They operate in all phases of our life and our existence, for all life. I think human beings are actually the only animals that don’t live by them.


I’m sure we all realize that there is both good and bad in the world. What we don’t realize is how responsible we each individually are for manifesting either good or bad in the world. You probably say how can this be? How can laws be good for everyone and yet nobody live by them? The great joy, the great hope, the answer to this paradox lies in coming to an understanding of the universal laws, for they manifest through both conditions; good and bad. They create chaos and suffering when we misapply them. They create beauty and harmony when we use them in their highest weight. Therefore, these laws are the keys by which you and we can make our lives and our world paradise could be. Some may have a negative reaction to the thought that we all are subject to universal laws, or truths; most of us are happier feeling that we’re completely free of any restriction. But these laws have truly been created out of love, and can create every good in your life if you choose to work with them in the right way. The purpose of all universal laws, the reason for their existence, is to manifest the infinite number of choices we have in our “living life experience”; for either the good or bad we’ll create in our lives. I say this because I believe we each are responsible for our thoughts, words, and actions; like it or not.


There are sub laws that work in the physical universe such as the laws of electricity, chemistry, hydraulics, physics, radio transmission, planetary motion, nature’s laws of growth and reproduction, and yes, many more. As suggested, there are many universal laws and there are sub laws that have to do with our physical world. I won’t get into the physical world and laws that govern it at this time; that’s for another article. These laws are talked about in the Bible, the Bhagavad Gita, and even the Koran. They’re talked about by such as Jesus, Buddha, Lao Tzu, Confucius, and many more of what I like to call avatars. They help in both our physical life, and our spiritual development; they create a path to the highest state of consciousness. So, let me if you will, say an old Hindu verse: “lead me from the darkness to the light”; universal truths will do just that. It’s my hope that I’ll be able to do this as I explain the universal laws. It’s my hope that through these universal truths you will find the keys to your “living life experience”; that you’ll find ways to create peace in the world, and for yourself.


Some of the most gentile things show so much power; the truths are some of them. An example would be air, and water; two things that we would think are most yielding; they’re so gentle yet so hard. Consider such things as majestic mountains pointing thousands of feet up into the air. It would seem that these granite peaks of solid rock could and would withstand anything. Yet, in time air and water reduce the mountains to tiny pebbles. Yet air and water are considered the most yielding elements of nature.


This truth is just one example of a universal law: “what is of all things most yielding can overcome that which is most hard.” This is from the Tao Te Ching, the sacred writing of Taoism. The laws work/ in man’s world, and the physical universe. “Victory comes through surrender” is another statement from Tao Te Ching.  Jesus said, “The meek shall inherit the earth”; could it mean that the gentlest are the hardest? Just what does it have to do with the here and now? What is this higher power, universal consciousness or intelligence”? As with all universal truths it’s always present even if we don’t believe in it! Universal laws will never interfere with our personal will. Truth is, they work in all our lives either for good or bad; by our own free will and choice; by the thoughts we entertain. So how does it work? Well, I’m not quite sure how it works, I personally think the laws work by thought, I just know that they do work in all our lives just as the wind and water does.

Universal laws or truths simply work without any effort or struggle. You can attempt to overcome problems in your life through willpower and force; it may work, but most likely that problem will show up in the future in a different form. That’s because most of our personal struggles are symptoms of what the actual problem is. I’m thinking of a riddle given me by my friends: “From nothing did it all begin, yet something now exists; what is it?” I’ll give the answer at the end of this. Another scathingly beautiful way to accept and deal with a problem, or challenge would be to turn our attention to that higher power and use it. It’s only through human arrogance that we choose not to do such as this; thus pushing out the universal intelligence from working with us. It seems that we human animals are pretty good at saying that we trust in God while being hypocritical to our faith no matter what religion we say we are of. It takes true faith and trust in a higher power and our self to bring about any solution to any challenge, or problem. It also takes being able to accept our puny personal differences to work with any challenge, even the pandemic. It’s not doing it “my way” but “our way” that’ll be successful with the pandemic challenge. Not working together could end our reign as the supreme beings on this planet if we don’t. The truth is we need each other more today than we ever have before.


I could push a lot of blame right now, and all of it would be true as to the preparedness that we didn’t have at the beginning of the pandemic. I could call the man in the White House a buffoon and worse, but it wouldn’t do any good. It would just give his supporters something else to hate; something they seem to show an awful lot of zest and zeal for doing. In fact, many religious people have sold their soul to the devil by supporting the stupidity that this man represents. Don’t get me wrong here, I don’t know the guy, have never met him and actually don’t care to. After living a lie myself for over 40 years all I can say is that I truly do detest any pathological liar or hypocrite. And I would question any Christian, or any religious person that would support any liar. If someone such as Jesus were to tell just one lie would it be wise ever believe him again?


I do, on the other hand, believe strongly in karma as it too is a universal truth. I can love unconditionally even those who have been blinded by the guy in the White House. So, “what goes around comes around “and I will pray for those who seem to be setting themselves up for a big letdown when karma knocks on their door. I truly don’t wish that on anyone, even a lame brained foolish little man that calls himself president. Too often people don’t prepare themselves for tragedy, and too often those that are responsible for the tragedy try to push to blame off on somebody else. They promote their own lies as the truth, and they look for anyone, or anything to support their lie. They simply become the most irresponsible jackass on the planet hoping that their stupidity won’t be noticed. The hypocrisy of many is to fall for the lie which makes them look stupid; I find that to be a part of human nature, a part that any person could change if they chose to. I have little respect for people like them; although I wouldn’t wish them any harm as some possibly would me for what I’m saying here. Guess you could say as Jesus said, “forgive them father, for they know not what they do”.


We “human animals” have it in us to be as gentle as the wind or water can be. But we should remember the power of both wind and water; both can be destructive and even killers. Do we human animals wish to be destroyers of life, or promoters of life? It will be through our individual choices that we either work together for the benefit of our future generations, or destroy everything through the arrogance that all human life seems to have. I for one choose working together, how about you?


I’ve talked about the pandemic, but we have created so many catastrophes for our future generations by not knowing and living the universal laws; things that we years ago should have been responsible enough to work with. We can unite and form a more perfect union, a brotherhood and sisterhood of humanity for the benefit of this planet and all life residing on it. Or we can continue to be divided and destroy the only home that we have, possibly with something as small and insignificant as a virus. As I said before, I choose to work together, how about you?


I’ll dive into the Universal Truths next article, the first being: “Like attracts like”. Or as many say, “Like creates like” in thought, word, and action. Now, the answer to the riddle…THOUGHT.

Blessings to everyone:



“Our life is frittered away by detail…

The nation is ruined…

by want of calculation and a worthy aim…

It lives to fast.”



 Are you one of the millions, or better yet billions of people today frittering away their lives with thousands of contrived details of which nine hundred and ninety nine get you nowhere, or are based on fear? For the most part they create the unhappy and fearful ways that you live.

They, for the most part, are fast and furious thoughts; but not deep thoughts. When we think this way we think we are going somewhere only to eventually stagnate in our “Living Life Experience” finding we get nowhere. What is created is just more confusion and fear for us; such is the karma often created. This is not to say that Karma does not work, rather to say that Karma always works.

We seem to push ourselves to get it all now, to hurry; and sometimes do things, think things, and say things just to “get it all”. When we get there we find we are still lost. It’s kind of funny; we follow leaders that are just as lost as we are, hoping they will help us to get to where only we can take our selves.

Complicating what is so very simple, we create more fear and dismay daily; it paralyzes us as we run to hide from what is truly ourselves. It’s not that complicated to think for one’s self, in fact it’s an essence of a full and productive life. Fact is, a simple and productive life requires no more than slowing down and simplifying ones thinking.

Instead we billions seem to enjoy being followers in life, not realizing that in doing so we will never get to where we want to go. We calculate our entire “living life experience” on endeavors that provide no more than the illusion of family and self: we eventually realize that such a life is not worth having. It becomes obvious that we never knew what we wanted as we were too busy having what we never wanted in the first place. We actually do know what we want, it’s just that following the leader seldom provides what we want.

Do we take what leaders think as the easy way? To be the follower is easy; it requires no thinking what so ever; just following.

To experience you’re “Living Life Experience” while asleep at the “wheel of life” is to not experience your life. Rather, we experience the life that the leader wants for us.

To be the leader of your life is a little scary at times, but the most exciting experience in life; and to lead you is the most exciting of experiences life will offer you. It’s the responsibility to you; one that creates the life that you can be proud of. Isn’t that what we all want? A life full of challenges and accomplishments.

For too long we have been wide-awake while driving down the expressway of life asleep at the wheel. It’s no wonder that the world seems to be such a nightmare. To wake up from any nightmare is to begin living the dream you want to be, and truth is; you are the only one who knows what you want, all it will take is your lead.

Choice is your power, freewill your gift in life; so, whatcha wanna do: the choice is yours. Be your leader, or be there follower.

Life is the greatest challenge anyone will ever know, so very exciting; and the greatest of all lives will always be for the one who chooses to lead themselves.

Just a thought…


What the hell are we doing???

“Man, once surrendering his reason, has no remaining guard against absurdities the most monstrous, and like a ship without rudder, it’s the sport of every wind. With such persons, gullibility, which they call faith, takes the helm from the hand of reason and the mind becomes a wreck.” –Thomas Jefferson–


Money doesn’t make the world go round, anymore then greed is good.  ‘We the People”make the world go around, we are the consumers, we create the wealth for those at the top, and we are actually what makes money valuable. ”We the people” have been lied to for thousands of years by corrupt, lazy, greedy, elitist’s who don’t want any of us to see the real power that we are. Simply stated, without us there is no economy, no commerce, no wealth, no religion, no society, no culture, and no nothing. Why do so many of us allow so few to take advantage of us as they do?


George H. Bush began speaking of a “New World Order”, all that has emerged is a “No World Order” with catastrophe after tragedy tearing our world apart. Bill Clinton supported the same NWO, that’s both parties promoting the same corporate (fascist) agenda. National pride has been replaced with corporate control and trump TV. If Jesus lied to any Christian once, (and trump has lied over 12,000 times since becoming the poor president he is) would you ever believe Jesus again? Why do we allow this? It’s as though we have no rudder to steer us other than a broken rudder of fear. Like we are doomed to an endless world of suffering and the end of the world. Well, I for one choose not to go there, there’s a lot of life left in humanity, and the world when fear isn’t mankind’s guiding influence. Establishment leadership has failed us, and the world; and done so in a cynical way. That doesn’t mean we are at our end, it does mean we should change the system. It will require a lot of belief in “WE CAN DO IT” to bring about the necessary changes. It will require a united people accepting the wisdom of different opinions, theories, and beliefs as okay. It will demand the same type of patriotism our founding fathers had.


Yes, to live in the greatest country in the world, to keep our right to “Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit of Happiness, we will have to change “Hatriotsim to Patriotism”. Either we unite as Americans or we run the risk of becoming a corporate, fascist nightmare of a New World Order. And we will find a few sicko’s at the top ruling we economic slaves with an iron hand. We seem to be masterfully torn down, our pride being destroyed, and our hope continually dashed by a greedy, hateful few. Wake up people, we are being herded as though we were sheeple.


And now we have this Trump thing skillfully dividing us even more as we listen to a spoiled pathological liar. He is fear mongrel filling our thoughts with even more upheaval and fear. I can’t say for sure how Pres. Trump will do to this great country. I can say it doesn’t look good. I can say that he hasn’t earned my respect and trust. And I also can say that it will take real patriots to our Constitution and Bill of Rights to protect us from him, our two parties and a government that has beenbought and sold, to a corrupt system. Only a fool would not see the dishonesty and the contempt that both the Democratic and Republican parties have for, ”We the People”. Mr. Trump has little, if any respect for “We the People”, the Constitution or Bill of Rights, the law, or anything else besides himself. As for the rest of his often rude and insulting rhetoric, we can demand his impeachment


Our American democracy will require more than a president though. It will require more than a congress, or a judiciary to serve the will of the people. It will command the participation of the people, after all, our Democratic Republic is one of “self-rule”. That doesn’t mean that we should just go out and vote, it stresses that we all become the patriots most of us would like to believe we are.


Benjamin Franklin once said:  ”America, where people do not inquire of a stranger, what is he, but, what can he do”? So, what can we do? Shall we sit on our divided asses complaining about each other? Shall we hate each other out of fear that a few corporatists have cynically planted in our heads? Shall we continue to allow a few to divide the many for easy conquest? I, for one,strongly believe in the patriotic spirit that is America; we will come together as Americans. Unless we come together as patriots we will not find the unity to bring peace and prosperity once again to this great country and freedom and democracy will be no more. It will not be the president, or congress, or the Supreme Court that will achieve this; it will be a un-united American people.


Our system of self-government, the best form of government for a free people, will always stress the patriotism and the involvement of its people. Our Democratic Republic, by and for the people, is a living thing. It is an organism of real people who take great pride in their personal freedoms, and have always held personal self-reliance as an American ideal. Frankly speaking, liberty and freedom, as well as democracy will never be compatible with hate. It has never fared well with corporate America either.


Now more than any other time it will demand a vigilant and patriotic people. Patriotism, defined at its simplest, is something that creates strong feelings for the ideals the country is based on. There are no American ideals that are based on hate, there are no American ideals that are based on bigotry or any form of racism or division. The patriot is someone who feels a strong support for the best that their country is. I feel that this country’s strong ideals and beliefs have been destroyed through cronyism, corporatism, greed, and programed fear. But they still are in the hearts of every patriotic American. We can, We will, and We must unite as one America to defend our Constitution and Bill of Rights, through a NON- violent revolution against the tyranny of an establishment of programmed greed, and hatred. It’s not “We the People” that we must fear, rather, a corrupt system that is fueling the greed, hatred, and ignorance that we must change by not fearing and hating; rather by being patriots for a better nation; and I believe we can do this when united as American’s. I don’t think the child in the WH really wants a strong, better nation; he seems to desire a dictatorship or a New World Order.


Each new day…

We should think of each day as precious; it’s actually more valuable than all the wealth of the earth. As each day runs its course we experience new creations in a newness we call life. Every day begins an awakening; it can be to a better world and life, for allliving. This day, this very day is by far the most important day that any of us will know. It’smind-blowing, this lifetime. This” living life experience” begins brand new each precious new day. We should hold each day as something sacred, embrace it with love from our deepest self in every thought word and action. “What is wrong with us” that so many don’t?


Often we create trouble for ourselves and others by reacting rather thinking how we would act. Those who do this are simply asleep at the wheel of life.

Those who awaken to life and life’s journey recognize that only the body feels.Awareness of self begins when one recognizes this. Knowing this one can choose how to act rather than just reacting. One can eliminate much suffering in life.


If one serves creation, or God’s love, it doesn’t matter whether they call then self a Hindu or a Buddhist, a Christian or Muslim, or Jew; whether he is an Indian or an Englishman, a Chinaman or Russian, or a different color. Those whose master awakens to this become aware and choose this truth; “that all life is one in the eyes of creation and nature”. They know that; “what the individual wants can never be pleasant for everyone” as life creates uniqueness. Those who know this serve Creation, Nature, or God; they accept what they should do and sincerely try to do it. All others know what they should do while they act stupidly, inventing ways for themselves which they think will be pleasant. Mankind knows much suffering from this. Those who serve creation become creators of their “living life experience”, while those who won’t serve creation, nature; or Gods love become destroyers of life and creation. “What is wrong with us that so many ignore this?


They are following the real instead of the unreal. They will not be creators of life until they choose between these two. To choose the unreal they become the destroyer of life and themselves; so perception first awareness when walking one’s life path. Wake up to this, life is sleeping as you are.



There should be no compromise between right and wrong. At whatever cost, one must do right. When choosing to do wrong the ignorant will say or do the wrong and stupidly persist that it is right.Simply stated; “Never will wrong be right”, and your master knows this.

We awaken when we realize this; mankind is poisoned. “Three great poisons, (greed, hatred, and ignorance)” will end mankind’s reign on this planet. Our destruction is inevitable if we continue to eat such horrible poison. Wake up to this awareness; there are only two kinds of people, those who know and those who choose not to know. Those who choose to know live to sustain all life, they understand the laws of nature and creation while those who choose not to know arrogantly ignore nature and creations loving embrace. Those who know understand that balance is sustainable in life as life is balanced through nature and creation. Those who know understand that common sense and rational logic are the creator’s gift to mankind’s wisdom for living. They arrange a “living life experience” that sustains all life as all life is one life in natures or creations balance.Awakening and learning this, and living thiswe arrange balance and sustain all life. This is the only knowledge that really matters. What religion, one’s race, or nationality; even ones wealth are not important. Only this is important.

What is most valuable is the knowledge of creations plan for mankind. Creation, God, or Nature has propose for mankind, and that purpose is evolution. When mankind realizes this and really knows it, we will work for it and evolve. To not realize this leads to stagnation and de-evolution. This is mankind’s ignorance to arrogantly ignore this and eat the poisons of life. It’s so glorious, so beautiful to evolve and so stupid to de-evolve. One’s master already knows this and wants to be on God side standing for good and resisting evil; working for evolution and not for destruction as survival is mankind’s first cause and true nature and purpose in life.


Choosing between right and wrong is often very difficult. It’s the minds ego that makes this hard. Lao Tzu, a Chinese philosopher once stated,” Who knows what’s right, who knows what’s wrong, it simply is. And from this I will make my own truth, and it will not be your truth, as you are not me”.


Those who know and are aware of their master choose right at all costs. Their master will know what that right is, as it is through their master that God is nature whispers. Our creator knows what’s right, in fact our creator gives us much that is right always. We also learn from our,” living life experience” what is right. The pleasures and the pains of our experience teaches us the truth of what is right. Those who do not know will arrogantly ignore their master’s voice, they will know pains more than pleasures.


There are five separate and distinct bodies that make each of us up.Four of our bodies will all want much in life, often they all demand much of the unreal that is not right in life. We may become confused and fearful. Your master always will question what you’re four bodies want. Your master will always know what is best and right. Stop and think what you really want, dig deep down into yourself and find the God within you. Know God’s plan for you, know that your nature is to evolve.


The God within you will always know what’s right, stop and think what you really want, and remember God’s wisdom is within you, working your entire” living life experience”. Truth is your master’s voice and God’s voice are often one. Those who don’t know will confuse therefour separate bodies each individually as themselves. The four bodies are the physical, the astral, the emotional, and the mind. Each one of them will try to pretend that they are you separately to get what it wants.


Your master knows, as your creator knows, that all your bodies combine to make the one creation that is yourself. Master all your bodies, and know them well, and always make them one in self. Doing this one masters self, and becomes the master of their master.