Each new day…

We should think of each day as precious; it’s actually more valuable than all the wealth of the earth. As each day runs its course we experience new creations in a newness we call life. Every day begins an awakening; it can be to a better world and life, for allliving. This day, this very day is by far the most important day that any of us will know. It’smind-blowing, this lifetime. This” living life experience” begins brand new each precious new day. We should hold each day as something sacred, embrace it with love from our deepest self in every thought word and action. “What is wrong with us” that so many don’t?


Often we create trouble for ourselves and others by reacting rather thinking how we would act. Those who do this are simply asleep at the wheel of life.

Those who awaken to life and life’s journey recognize that only the body feels.Awareness of self begins when one recognizes this. Knowing this one can choose how to act rather than just reacting. One can eliminate much suffering in life.


If one serves creation, or God’s love, it doesn’t matter whether they call then self a Hindu or a Buddhist, a Christian or Muslim, or Jew; whether he is an Indian or an Englishman, a Chinaman or Russian, or a different color. Those whose master awakens to this become aware and choose this truth; “that all life is one in the eyes of creation and nature”. They know that; “what the individual wants can never be pleasant for everyone” as life creates uniqueness. Those who know this serve Creation, Nature, or God; they accept what they should do and sincerely try to do it. All others know what they should do while they act stupidly, inventing ways for themselves which they think will be pleasant. Mankind knows much suffering from this. Those who serve creation become creators of their “living life experience”, while those who won’t serve creation, nature; or Gods love become destroyers of life and creation. “What is wrong with us that so many ignore this?


They are following the real instead of the unreal. They will not be creators of life until they choose between these two. To choose the unreal they become the destroyer of life and themselves; so perception first awareness when walking one’s life path. Wake up to this, life is sleeping as you are.



There should be no compromise between right and wrong. At whatever cost, one must do right. When choosing to do wrong the ignorant will say or do the wrong and stupidly persist that it is right.Simply stated; “Never will wrong be right”, and your master knows this.

We awaken when we realize this; mankind is poisoned. “Three great poisons, (greed, hatred, and ignorance)” will end mankind’s reign on this planet. Our destruction is inevitable if we continue to eat such horrible poison. Wake up to this awareness; there are only two kinds of people, those who know and those who choose not to know. Those who choose to know live to sustain all life, they understand the laws of nature and creation while those who choose not to know arrogantly ignore nature and creations loving embrace. Those who know understand that balance is sustainable in life as life is balanced through nature and creation. Those who know understand that common sense and rational logic are the creator’s gift to mankind’s wisdom for living. They arrange a “living life experience” that sustains all life as all life is one life in natures or creations balance.Awakening and learning this, and living thiswe arrange balance and sustain all life. This is the only knowledge that really matters. What religion, one’s race, or nationality; even ones wealth are not important. Only this is important.

What is most valuable is the knowledge of creations plan for mankind. Creation, God, or Nature has propose for mankind, and that purpose is evolution. When mankind realizes this and really knows it, we will work for it and evolve. To not realize this leads to stagnation and de-evolution. This is mankind’s ignorance to arrogantly ignore this and eat the poisons of life. It’s so glorious, so beautiful to evolve and so stupid to de-evolve. One’s master already knows this and wants to be on God side standing for good and resisting evil; working for evolution and not for destruction as survival is mankind’s first cause and true nature and purpose in life.


Choosing between right and wrong is often very difficult. It’s the minds ego that makes this hard. Lao Tzu, a Chinese philosopher once stated,” Who knows what’s right, who knows what’s wrong, it simply is. And from this I will make my own truth, and it will not be your truth, as you are not me”.


Those who know and are aware of their master choose right at all costs. Their master will know what that right is, as it is through their master that God is nature whispers. Our creator knows what’s right, in fact our creator gives us much that is right always. We also learn from our,” living life experience” what is right. The pleasures and the pains of our experience teaches us the truth of what is right. Those who do not know will arrogantly ignore their master’s voice, they will know pains more than pleasures.


There are five separate and distinct bodies that make each of us up.Four of our bodies will all want much in life, often they all demand much of the unreal that is not right in life. We may become confused and fearful. Your master always will question what you’re four bodies want. Your master will always know what is best and right. Stop and think what you really want, dig deep down into yourself and find the God within you. Know God’s plan for you, know that your nature is to evolve.


The God within you will always know what’s right, stop and think what you really want, and remember God’s wisdom is within you, working your entire” living life experience”. Truth is your master’s voice and God’s voice are often one. Those who don’t know will confuse therefour separate bodies each individually as themselves. The four bodies are the physical, the astral, the emotional, and the mind. Each one of them will try to pretend that they are you separately to get what it wants.


Your master knows, as your creator knows, that all your bodies combine to make the one creation that is yourself. Master all your bodies, and know them well, and always make them one in self. Doing this one masters self, and becomes the master of their master.